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Mainstream Print Media Turns on Government and MET Office Climate Alarmists

Maybe there is time before I shed this mortal coil to see the back of this and witness the rent-seeking troughers get their just desserts. We live in hope.

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leveson-mediaOver the last week, more articles critical of mainstream climate science alarmism, and the taxation and energy policies which  have been predicated on it have been published than have appeared in years. Undoubtedly this is partly because of the late snows and freezing temperatures endured by an increasingly climate-propaganda weary public. A couple of newspapers which have always been in the vanguard of alarmist doomsaying, such as the Guardian have attempted to reverse the spin, but it is looking increasingly as if the majority of the UK press has had enough, and is coming over the wall to the sceptics position.

However, this may have as much to do with the late UK snow and revenge for the fallout from the Leveson enquiry as any genuine realisation of the shortcomings of the IPCC and the half-baked-one-side-only science it relies on. The impetus in the German media from their even colder…

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One thought on “Mainstream Print Media Turns on Government and MET Office Climate Alarmists

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    Posted by kim2ooo | March 31, 2013, 7:23 pm

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