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Happy Feet – Filtermatics

Ah, models. Once Jean Shrimpton retired, I lost interest. I can’t believe people still put any faith in this stuff any more.

Missing link to ‘Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

the Air Vent

Something interesting at WUWT happened today.  This isn’t a typical issue as of late and requires a bit of math skill.   A post by Willis Eschenbach brought up some old memories of days where skeptic blogs like this one, were math centric.  Fortunately the math which Willis discusses this time, is relatively lightweight stuff, and it happens to involve the fortuitous filtering activities of Mannian filter-matics.

I highlighted an email on the topic a few weeks ago here which contains a quote that I thing belongs in Willis’s article.   Michael Mann has long been interested in filtering methods which promote the “Cause”,  I have to say that Willis’s example puts a spotlight on how awkward the team has been at promoting fortuitous filters.

5 PM 10/14/2003 -0400, Michael E. Mann wrote:

Dear All,
To those I thought might be interested, I’ve provided an example for discussion of

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