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Bob Tisdale, Climate Science

February 2013 Global Land+Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update

Ah well, the fight goes on. A little more ammo to produce, at some future date, to question those trying to tax us all into oblivion.

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

It has been a while since I’ve presented the GISS, UK Met Office and NCDC global land surface air temperature plus sea surface temperature products. I’ve decided to add them to the datasets I update monthly.

I’ll present each of the datasets individually, starting in January 1979, using the suppliers’ standard base years for anomalies.  1979 is the start year of the lower troposphere temperature products (not included), so it’s a logical start time for these short-term data presentations.  The GISS, UK Met Office and NCDC products with linear trends are then presented in a comparison graph, using the base years of 1981-2010.  And for those wanting a better look at the most recent wiggles, the last comparison graph starts in January 2003—the last decade plus.   The final graph is the average of the 3 products.


Introduction: The GISS Land Ocean Temperature Index…

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