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Climate Nutters Go Full Stupid!!! Suddenly Forget Laws Of Physics!!! Antarctic Ice Growing Because Heat Is Lingering At Depths!!!

One assumes this one also passed peer review? I need a job to boost my pension, where do I apply?

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Wow, there’s so much wrong with the thoughts expressed in this one.  There’s a new study out explaining why the southern hemisphere sea ice is expanding.  Obviously, it’s because of global warming. 

Once again, we see the sophists are hiding behind a paywall.  Here’s the abstract, my bold.

Changes in sea ice significantly modulate climate change because of its high reflective and strong insulating nature. In contrast to Arctic sea ice, sea ice surrounding Antarctica has expanded1, with record extent2 in 2010. This ice expansion has previously been attributed to dynamical atmospheric changes that induce atmospheric cooling3. Specifically, we present observations indicating that melt water from Antarctica’s ice shelves accumulates in a cool and fresh surface layer that shields the surface ocean from the that are melting the ice shelves. Simulating these processes in a coupled climate model we find that cool and fresh…

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