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New political sections

I realised, some time ago, that the cAGW debate ranges beyond pure science (I can’t believe I just wrote that) and encompasses more politics and economics – ie taxation – than the warmists would like to admit. So, I wanted part of the blog to focus on politics away from simply the climate question (if that’s possible now) and give folks a chance to debate this thorny subject without the distraction of cAGW blowing threads off-course.

I know it will hard to keep this section on topic but I rely on the commenters to keep some control. I’ll be moderating each of the sub-sections and will step in if needed.

At the moment there are three regions focusing on the UK, the USA and Australasia. Go to it and if you want me to add any others, simply contact me and I’ll consider your request.

The UK blog is here;

The US blog is here;

The Australasia blog is here;

The European blog is here;


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