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Powerline to battle Westminster’s energy measures

About bl**dy time! The green lobby has had it all their own way for far too long.

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A new lobbying organisation has been launched in the UK to influence energy policy. The Powerline is now online and at twitter using @powerline_uk . This report from the Scotsman:

Powerline to battle Westminster’s energy measures

Published: 01 April 20132 By MARTIN FLANAGAN

A CROSS-industry group called the Powerline that will link up with consumer bodies to publicly fight what it brands the “absurd” energy policies of the coalition government is on the brink of being officially launched.

In the Powerline’s immediate cross-hairs are Westminster energy secretary Ed Davey’s Energy Bill, which had its second reading in parliament in December and will be given royal assent later this year.Davey has claimed that green energy measures at the heart of the bill could save householders £166 a year by 2020. But the new pressure group, assembled by big businesses in recent months, will warn that the government’s £200 billion low-carbon overhaul of…

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