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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Whilst I’m loathe to sideline the passing of Lady Thatcher, the world moves on and there is another debate to be won. This post is, I feel, one that goes to the heart of our current problem. Global warming/climate change, whichever term you prefer to use (bearing in mind that you can’t have the latter without the former), has long been seen as a political movement as opposed to a scientific one.

If we are in a situation where the UK’s premier weather research and forecasting organisation (Met Office) is being used as a tool to further the global warming meme, and will not justify its methodology to Parliamentary investigation, then we have to ask a simple question.

What is there to hide?

Who knows what the answer is? One thing is very clear; the population, at large, is being force fed misinformation by our leading institutions and that includes the BBC.

Questions to ministers

This is a guest post by Doug Keenan

Questions relating to the work of the Met Office on global warming are being put in the UK parliament, and the Met Office is refusing to answer them. Parliamentary Questions have a history going back centuries. Giving answers, or giving a valid reason for not answering, is required. The stand-off is yet to be resolved.

The Parliamentary Question that started this was put by Lord Donoughue on 8 November 2012. The Question is as follows.

Read full article here



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