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Mythbusting – The UK and the EU (Part 1)

In the debate about the EU and Britain’s place within it, one of the most pernicious myths spread by mainstream politicians, and shamelessly sanctified by an ever compliant and frighteningly incurious media is, “The EU just isn’t a concern for voters”.

It is always said with an imperious nose held high or a patronisingly dismissive sweep of the hand, sometimes both, if a LibDem is saying it. This is an issue for the political anoraks they will say, or the malcontents on the Tory back benches; talking about Europe is giving in to the obsessions of an unrepresentative minority of “swivel-eyed loons” in the shires, you will hear. It is always painted as a British issue, a conservative issue, neither contention, however, being even remotely true.

Mythbusting – The UK and the EU (Part 1)


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