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These items caught my eye – 6 June 2013

Windfarms – is there ANY justification for them? How two, supposedly, intelligent sophisticated nations prove they’re not; Tony Blair brought back to Earth; Joe Bastardi and Bob Tisdale shake hands; Climate models not working? John Cook, oh dear; EU getting in a fracking mess; Christopher Booker slaps Ed Davey’s wrist – the limp one, that is; Our hero, the Health Ranger, gives the finger to alarmists. Please remember to read the comments, as the information (and the links) contained in them often put the main article into context.. If you follow a site that is, maybe, a bit off the beaten track and think it would be of interest, please contact me and I’ll take a look.

Big Green Helps Big Wind Hide Bird And Bat Butchery

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Ron Arnold

By Ron Arnold

By Ron Arnold

It uses tons of fossil fuels every day, emits a greenhouse gas that’s like CO2 on steroids, can’t do the job it’s made for, costs taxpayers exorbitant fees, and makes the federal government look mentally ill for giving it outrageous subsidies.

It also chops up birds, bats and scenery with roads and monstrous 400-foot-tall machines. “It” is wind power, of course.

These harsh facts were condensed into a preliminary draft study of wind subsidies by researcher Teresa Platt, who circulated it to specialists for vetting.

I obtained a copy of the extensively footnoted working draft, which gave chilling reality to the truth behind wind industry claims.

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Sweden and the UK unite for solar

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Robert Wilson

Name two countries well suited for solar power. I’m guessing the UK and Sweden were not among them. Yet, in today’s Telegraph we have an editorial written by energy ministers from both countries highlighting the importance of solar for renewables in the EU, and the UK and Sweden. The European Commission’s decision to put tariffs on Chinese solar panel imports evidently will derail the renewables revolution in the United Kingdom and Sweden. In their own words:

The International Energy Agency estimates that renewable electricity could be the world’s second largest source of electricity production as early as 2015.

Solar is an integral part of that picture. In Europe, installed capacity of solar panels has doubled in just two years; in the UK alone, solar power generation has risen to around 2.5GW.

I would have to ask why the UK government has subsidised the construction of 2.5 GW of a prime mover totally unsuited to the United Kingdom, but then I’m reminded that Germany has more than ten times more solar power installed. By the standards of the day the United Kingdom is sane.

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Walking Eagles and carbon taxes

Posted on June 6, 2013 by The k2p blog

This is a couple of years old though I only just came across it.

Seems very apt – not only for carbon taxes but also for Tony Blair.

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Joe Bastardi was Correct about Gulf of Mexico Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Bob Tisdale

This is an update of hurricane region sea surface temperature anomalies in light of the formation of Tropical Storm Andrea.

I published the post Hurricane Main Development Region Sea Surface Temperatures & Anomalies – Plus a Couple of Other Regions (cross post at WUWT here) on May 19th.

Weekly Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperature anomalies were quite low the week of May 8, 2013.

Joe Bastardi was Correct about Gulf of Mexico Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Joe Bastardi was Correct about Gulf of Mexico Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell left the following comment on that thread a few days later:

…there is a major warm loop current this year in the eastern gulf and it will warm that area. The east coast temps are very close to the years when they get hit. In fact temps are much above normal off the ne coast. Here is the latest sst, showing the rapid warming in the eastern gulf as much of the cooling was shallow caused by the nw flow that we had for much of april into may. I am sure the water will warm. Take special note along the east coast, thx Joe

My reply discussed how the NESDIS sea surface temperature maps use only nighttime satellite readings, and as a result, their maps sometimes presented warmer-looking maps.


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How do we get around public opposition to wind farms? Make them big!

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Robert Wilson

Today’s announcement by the UK government that will give local communities the ability to reject wind farms seems to have set of a typical noise fest on Twitter. Inconsistent thoughts are expressed one after another: “this will greatly damage windfarm development” followed up by “not many oppose wind farms anyway.” Given what I read people are more than aware that public opposition is a problem, but simply refuse to admit it. PR language rules the day.

So, here are my thoughts.

First, this is somewhat inevitable. Consider this map from David MacKay’s excellent book Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air. It shows how much of the UK is within 2 km of a hamlet, village or town.

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Climate models stretch credulity

Posted on June 6, 2013 by The k2p blog

What is perplexing is the blind faith in the climate models and reluctance to revisit the assumptions on which the clearly fallacious models are based.

Reblogged from Dr. Roy Spencer

Courtesy of John Christy, a comparison between 73 CMIP5 models (archived at the KNMI Climate Explorer website) and observations for the tropical bulk tropospheric temperature (aka “MT”) since 1979 (click for large version):

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The Press Complaints Commission & The 97% Lie

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Paul Homewood

There has been plenty of coverage of John Cook’s shoddy paper, which deceitfully claims a 97% consensus on AGW. So, I will not bother to go round the houses again.

Even though it has been thoroughly deconstructed on several counts, the lie has already been publicised in the MSM, which, it has now been revealed, was the whole point of the exercise all along.

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Europe’s fracking energy mess

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Peter C. Glover

There’s no question that Europe is finally awakening to the enormous economic benefits of shale hydrocarbons. Given the nascent impact of the US shale gas and oil industries on both domestic and global markets it is impossible to ignore.

But while European leaders openly admit to reappraising their anti-shale development attitude, and the fracking technique that made it possible, two barriers to success remain: an incoherent energy strategy that pre-eminently favours environmental considerations, and national greed that can, as in Poland, threaten to choke national shale industries at birth.

The US energy market suddenly finds itself approaching what just a few years ago was the unthinkable: energy independence. Meanwhile, Europe remains in the thrall of Russian gas dependency, expensive imports and domestic heavy industry turning to cheap US coal imports to fuel their power stations. And while Europe’s gas prices continue to soar, US natural gas prices have fallen to one half of that being paid across the Atlantic.

No one suggests that shale developments will be a silver bullet for the European economies. But it is abundantly clear that the shale gas and oil industries have thrived in the US – despite an anti-fossil fuel president in the White House – because Americans own the mineral rights beneath their properties, unlike in much of Europe. Even so, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that developing domestic shale reserves still offers a major economic opportunity for many EU states.

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A dangerously deluded energy policy and why the greens want to hide the truth about your soaring bills

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Christopher Booker

Without question, it must have been one of the dottiest public utterances ever delivered by a British Cabinet minister.

This was the extraordinary speech made on Monday — at an event staged by the Met Office — by Ed Davey, our Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

What inevitably attracted attention was Mr Davey’s attack on those ‘sections of the Press’ who dare question any aspect of the way his energy policy for Britain has become wholly skewed and dominated by the belief that the world is in the grip of global warming.

The timing of his outburst against ‘destructive and loudly clamouring scepticism’ in the Press was not accidental: it was to preface yesterday’s Commons debate on the mammoth Energy Bill by which he plans to ‘decarbonise’ our electricity industry.

Centred on his wish to focus our energy needs on building nuclear power stations and tens of thousands of wind turbines, his Bill will make it ever more cripplingly expensive for us to rely on those fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, which currently supply more than two-thirds of our electricity.

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Al Gore backlash: Why environmentalists are celebrating rising CO2 levels

Posted on June 2, 2013 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Thank goodness carbon dioxide levels are finally rising ever so slightly in our atmosphere, bringing much-needed carbon dioxide to the plants and forests of the world which have been starving for CO2. The lack of CO2 in the atmosphere is one of the most devastating limiting factors for plant growth and reforestation of the planet, and at just 400ppm — that’s just 400 micrograms per kilogram — carbon dioxide is so low that Earth’s plant life can barely breathe.

Editor’s note: I have added substantially to this story since it was first published in order to attempt to educate what appear to be a mass of brainwashed, mathematically illiterate commenters on Facebook who demonstrate a wholesale inability to process information with anything resembling rationality on this subject.

Let me clarify three things before we even get into the story:

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