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Climate Science

Armageddon Report No. 5.

Not much more to say, really. The IPCC and its Assessment Reports all neatly summed up in one page.


The IPCC is about to issue AR5 or its fifth Assessment Report on global warming, but since these successively more alarming reports always predict a looming end of the world as we know it, I prefer my own interpretation of the acronym. It’s going to be a tough gig for the Cassandras of climate for a number of reasons.

The biggie is that there hasn’t been any of the predicted increase in warming for nearly two decades and now lay members of the church have been raising some serious questions on some of the central tenets of its theology. Reputable researchers, yes they do exist in climate science, are now feeling emboldened enough to break ranks and beginning to intimate that the climate might not be so sensitive to CO2 as we’ve previously been led to believe. The great Satan of the Church of Climatology looks increasingly to be nothing more than a…

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