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Marx on Monday: Adolphe Miliband

This is best enjoyed with a chilled glass of a crisp French white wine, some great crisps and a garlicky dip. Allow the flavours of all these wonderful items to blend together along with the beauty of this piece of on-line journalism to achieve the end of a near-perfect day.


I was visiting the grave of my great grandfather Karl in Highgate Cemetery last week when my quiet reverie was interrupted by the blubbing and wailing of a distraught mourner at a nearby grave. I walked over to try and comfort him.

“Are you alright …”I began, but was stunned into silence as I recognized the crying figure was none other than Prime Minister in waiting Ed Milliband.

“Not really Kevin,” he sniffed, “the Daily Mail have been rude about my father.”

“Have they?” I was shocked to hear that journalism had stooped so low. Being a socialist I hadn’t read the article myself – I wouldn’t use the Daily Mail to wrap chips in – but whatever they had written clearly upset Ed, who was now lying draped around his father’s headstone sobbing his socialist heart out.

Now I know that most people simply regard Ed as a politician…

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