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These items caught my eye – 5 November 2013

1: Those pesky maps; 2: The Pre COP19 Climate Of Fear; 3: Challenging “save the polar bear” propaganda; 4:UHI In Oklahoma City–A Case Study; 5: State Of The Climate Report; 6: Terence Corcoran: More myths about carbon taxes; 7: IPCC Summary: The Real Story; 8: Global Temperature Data Shows No Rise For 17 Years—Meets Warmist’s Criteria For Proof Of No Man-Made Forcing; 9: California Biologist’s New Book Shakes Climate Science Cartel; 10: Scientists Find That Sea Level Rise Is Much Slower Than Expected…No Human Fingerprint; Please remember to read the comments, as the information (and the links) contained in them often put the main article into context..

Those pesky maps

Posted on November 5, 2013 by CFW

You’ll all be familiar with Mercator projections, the maps that make Greenland look five times the size it really is. Well the Mercator has fallen from grace but Mercator hybrids are still used and come in useful if you’re trying to exaggerate warmth in the Arctic.

Below we see one situation, same data, two graphics. NASA offer free software to produce the second graphic but they prefer to use the first graphic. – Click here to read the full article

The Pre COP19 Climate Of Fear

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Tory Aardvark

In just 6 days time COP19 Warsaw will start, in preparation for this next UNFCCC slow motion car crash the Big Green propaganda machine has been at work thinking up new things we should all be terrified of, because of Climate Change.

The choice of Poland to host COP19, has at best been controversial, as far as the Green boondogglers are concerned, they know the game of Green charades that played out in COP18 Doha last year is a portent of the things to come in Warsaw.

So what should we be all be terrified of in closing weeks of 2013? – Click here to read the full article

Challenging “save the polar bear” propaganda

Posted on November 5, 2013 by polar bear science

Polar Bears International has mustered the UK newspaper, The Guardian, to provide free publicity for a “save the polar bear” propaganda event coming up tomorrow, November 6.

From The Guardian Environment Blog:

“On Wednesday, 6 November at 10am EST and 3pm GMT you will have a chance to ask a scientist [Steven Amstrup] and a conservationist [Krista Wright] about the latest research on the state of polar bears – and the efforts to protect them.”

The “participants” of this webchat are Polar Bears International (PBI) employees. PBI is a lobbyist organization that uses its influence to pressure politicians and supposedly impartial scientific organizations, like the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG), to make decisions that fit their agenda. The PBI rallying cry is “Save Our Sea Ice.” They are committed to promoting legislation to curtail supposed effects of anthropogenic global warming and are using polar bears as a tool to do so. – Click here to read the full article

UHI In Oklahoma City–A Case Study

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Paul Homewood

I took a look at Oklahoma temperature trends yesterday, and pointed out the discrepancy between Oklahoma City and Meeker, which is just 24 miles away. I am returning to this topic for a closer look.

First, let’s compare the annual temperatures for 1934 and 2012. – Click here to read the full article

State Of The Climate Report

Posted on November 5, 2013 by CCA

This is what evil humans’ 12 parts per million CO² contribution to the atmosphere is doing to the climate…Click here to read the full article

More myths about carbon taxes

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Terence Corcoran

From B..C. to Germany, the war on carbon is creating a ‘chaotic landscape’ indeed

At first glance, a new OECD report looks like a big endorsement of carbon taxes and pricing schemes such as carbon trading. That, after all, is what the OECD said were the conclusions of its new report, titled Effective Carbon Prices. “Carbon taxes and emission trading systems are the most cost-effective means of reducing CO2 emissions, and should be at the center of government efforts to tackle climate change,” said the international agency’s Monday morning news release. – Click here to read the full article

IPCC Summary: The Real Story

Posted on November 4, 2013, 2013 by Donna Laframboise

Media outlets remain oblivious to the IPCC’s tainted-by-activism personnel.

Over the weekend, mainstream media outlets published news stories regarding the recent leak of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summary document.

After reading this document, the New York Times declared that “scientists have found” that climate change “will pose sharp risks to the world’s food supply.”

In Germany, Der Spiegel also emphasized the food angle. The Associated Press, meanwhile, advised that a “scientific report forecasts” that “starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease” will be exacerbated by climate change. – Click here to read the full article

Global Temperature Data Shows No Rise For 17 Years—Meets Warmist’s Criteria For Proof Of No Man-Made Forcing

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Climate Change Sanity

A guest posting on WUWT by Werner Brozek says that global temperature has not risen for 17 years. The 17 years are significant in anyway you think about it, but Brozek makes the point that the warmists are on record as saying that it is sufficient time to determine if there is man-made forcing of global temperatures. Looking at the satellite global temperature measurements by the Remote Sensing System(RSS) after 204 months (17 years) the slope of temperature anomaly is zero. Look at this chart from the WoodForTrees org. below: – Click here to read the full article

California Biologist’s New Book Shakes Climate Science Cartel

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Wayne Lusvardi

“Despite media horror stories, many species have benefited from recent climate change. Those species that are struggling have invariably been affected by issues other than climate change and require very different remedies. Controlling our carbon footprints will never address the most pressing issues of habitat loss and watershed degradation.”

– Book Description, Amazon

In 1615 astronomer Galileo Gallei wrote a famous letter called the Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina in the Duchy of Tuscany, Italy, giving his heliocentric position that the sun – not the earth — was the center of the earth’s solar system. By 1632, Galileo had expanded his letter into his scientific manifesto titled Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems, for which he ended up being brought to trial by a faction of Dominican priests before Catholic Pope Urban as a religious heretic.

Jim Steele, a biologist at San Francisco State University in California, has perhaps written no less than the modern day equivalent to Galileo’s letter and his Dialogues in his book Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism.Click here to read the full article

Scientists Find That Sea Level Rise Is Much Slower Than Expected…No Human Fingerprint

Posted on November 5, 2013 by P Gosselin

Veteran journalist Ulli Kulke of the German blog Die Welt has a report claiming that how sea kevels are not rising anywhere near as fast as climate science alarmists are claiming.

First Kulke reminds readers that measuring sea level is no easy task because, depending on the location, sea levels can vary by several decimeters – even up to a meter. Much of the science relies on complex statistical computations and the results depend on the methods used.

Kulke writes: – Click here to read the full article


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