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These items caught my eye – 12 July 2014

1: Wind Power Barely Registers In June; 2: Big Green’s Lethal Agenda; 3: Obama, Wall Street, And The IMF: All Wrong On Carbon Taxes ; 4: Alex Henney & Smart Meters; 5: Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded; 6: El Niño 2014: Climate Alarmists Disappointed; 7: Reality Topples the Global Warming Rice Bowl!; 8: Counting bears from space can be just as accurate as by helicopter, claims new study; 9: Dr. Roy Spencer: Science Knows ‘Almost Nothing’ About Global Warming; 10: EU Green Strategy: Funding Eco Activists To Lobby Governments; Please remember to read the comments, as the information (and the links) contained in them often put the main article into context..


Wind Power Barely Registers In June

Last year, wind farms contributed about 8% of the UK’s electricity. But as we well know, there are times when the wind does not blow.

A while back, I asked DECC for an analysis of the number of days when output was below a certain figure. Surprisingly, they said they did not have such information. I say surprising, as I would have thought this sort of data would be important for their planning. – Click here to read the full article

Big Green’s Lethal Agenda

The outstanding presentations at this Ninth International Conference on Climate Change clearly demonstrate that activist climate science is increasingly devoid of evidence … increasingly removed from the scientific method – and yet is increasingly being used to devise, justify and impose policies, laws, and regulations that govern our lives.

Indeed, rules formulated on the basis of “dangerous manmade climate change” allegations control the hydrocarbons that power America and the world, improve and safeguard our lives, lift billions out of abject poverty, and allow us to achieve technologies and dreams never before thought possible.

Put simply, those who control carbon control our lives … our livelihoods, liberties, living standards, and even life spans. It is therefore essential that climate science reflects the utmost in integrity, transparency, and accountability. – Click here to read the full article

Obama, Wall Street, And The IMF: All Wrong On Carbon Taxes

Last month the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommended that the United States “introduce a broad-based carbon tax.” In the summary of its annual report on the U.S. economy the IMF thus echoes the climate alarmism of the Obama Administration, which has been calling for carbon-cutting policies ever since taking office. – Click here to read the full article

Alex Henney & Smart Meters

As I reported earlier, the UK Govt are intent on rolling out smart meters for electricity and gas, and we will all have to pay for them through our energy bills whether we want the blighters or not!

Alex Henney, an expert on these matters, has written a submission to the Energy & Climate Change Committee in Parliament. The Executive Summary is copied below: – Click here to read the full article

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded

Story submitted by Eric Worrall

Antarctica continues to defy the global warming script, with a report from Meteo France, that June this year was the coldest Antarctic June ever recorded, at the French Antarctic Dumont d’Urville Station.

According to the press release, during June this year, the average temperature was -22.4c (-8.3F), 6.6c (11.9F) lower than normal. This is the coldest June ever recorded at the station, and almost the coldest monthly average ever – only September 1953 was colder, with a recorded average temperature of -23.5c (-10.3F).

June this year also broke the June daily minimum temperature record, with a new record low of -34.9c (-30.8F).

Other unusual features of the June temperature record are an unusual excess of sunlight hours (11.8 hours rather than the normal 7.4 hours), and unusually light wind conditions.

Dumont d’Urville Station has experienced ongoing activity since 1956. According to the Meteo France record, there is no other weather station for 1000km in any direction. – Click here to read the full article

El Niño 2014: Climate Alarmists Disappointed

Austin, July 11, 2014 — Climate alarmists hoping for a super-El Niño this fall and winter to jolt global warming back into high gear again are probably going to be disappointed.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released its July monthly El Niño report on July 10. The consensus probability for El Niño conditions in the Northern Hemisphere remained unchanged, but indicators of the strength of the El Niño have weakened considerably since last month. Earth, though, still remains under an “El Niño Watch”.

Forecasters now predict that El Niño 2014 “will peak at weak-to-moderate strength during the late fall and early winter”. The report says, “chances of a strong El Niño are not favored” in the models.

Fears of a catastrophic super-El Niño are gone. – Click here to read the full article

Reality Topples the Global Warming Rice Bowl!

Fear of climate change overcomes America when the science of human-caused weather (AGW) is more important in the public square than a loss of liberty. Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. ~Emerson

Easily observable data proves AGW model-makers failed nature’s reality-test. So what’s next: indulge the notion that Western government-funded scientists – from the comfort and security of their taxpayer-provided ivory towers – are competent to redirect dollars flowing from evil American enterprises to far more noble causes such as of saving the world from being Fukushima’d by capitalism?

The Sad Tale of the Iron Triangle and the Iron Rice Bowl: Politicians respond to alarm by feeding scientists more money; Scientists make meaningless or ambiguous statements; Advocates and media translate statements into alarmist declarations. ~Richard Lindzen, Science in the Public Square… (adapted from Fig. 1)Click here to read the full article

Counting bears from space can be just as accurate as by helicopter, claims new study

Satellites images might be able to replace aerial counts of polar bears in some places — if there are no clouds. But it seldom distinguishes cubs and can’t tell males from females, found a 2012 study of Foxe Basin bears that’s just been published.

From a story in Alaska Dispatch (“Researchers turn to satellite monitoring to count polar bear populations” Y. Rosen, July 9, 2014): – Click here to read the full article

Dr. Roy Spencer: Science Knows ‘Almost Nothing’ About Global Warming

At the Heartland Institute’s 9th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week, Dr. Roy Spencer wowed participants with his presentation titled “What Do We Really Know About Global Warming?” wherein he noted that claims of global warming have been greatly exaggerated.

In 2012, The Economist called the Heartland Institute “the world’s most prominent think tank promoting skepticism about man-made climate change,” and this conference certainly lived up to that reputation. You can see many of the speeches at the conference website and at Heartland’s Youtube channel. – Click here to read the full article

EU Green Strategy: Funding Eco Activists To Lobby Governments

Huge amounts of EU funding is going to green NGOs, especially (but not exclusively) to climate change advocacy groups.

With no fanfare at all, the European Commission has slipped out the 2013 figures for its Financial Transparency System, a searchable database of grant funding to third parties, including NGOs. – Click here to read the full article


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