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These items caught my eye – 1 December 2015

1: Global Warming for Dummies; 2: Dunce’s Cap For BBC’s Matt McGrath!; 3: Obama Apologizing To The World For US On Climate Is Ridiculous; 4: Polar bear habitat update – day 333 Arctic sea ice hits 11.1 mkm2; 5: Cost of Wind Power Outstrips Coal, Gas, Hydro & Nukes by a Country Mile; 6: How sensitive is global temperature to cumulative CO2 emissions?; 7: Hauling canoes across the globe to demand emission reductions; 8: The ignorance of the Warmists; 9: Billions pledged for clean energy research at Paris climate talks ; 10: Global Cooling starting in 2016; Please remember to read the comments, as the information (and the links) contained in them often put the main article into context..


Global Warming for Dummies

First, “Global Warming” is not a scientific term, but instead is a false propaganda campaign trying to promote a scare about CO2. And as the Satellites show no current warming, Antarctic ice is growing, global sea ice is normal and Greenland surface ice has grown since 1990 – since there have been no adverse trends in extreme weather**, floods or droughts, there is nothing at all to suggest anything to be scared about. Indeed, rising CO2 is greening the planet and leading to record harvests.

**Hurricane activity has reduced – this may be statistical fluke, the most intense level of rain has increased – this is likely because modern equipment is able to read shorter rain spikes. – Click here to read the full article

Dunce’s Cap For BBC’s Matt McGrath!

Vacuous statement of the day from the BBC:-

Many other leaders stressed the need for just such a binding agreement – even President Vladimir Putin.

After he explained how Russia had managed to grow their economy and cut emissions (who knew?), he called for a binding target of 2C in the growth of global temperatures.

Who knew? Well, Matt, anybody who knows how to check the data from CDIAC for a start (which I would have expected to be a pretty basic requirement for the BBC’s Environmental Correspondent). – Click here to read the full article

Obama Apologizing To The World For US On Climate Is Ridiculous

President Obama’s opening remarks at the Paris climate agreement were effectively an apology for industrial progress. At the kickoff of the talks Obama remarked, “I’ve come here personally, as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second-largest emitter to say that the United States of America not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it.”
President Barack Obama has dinner in Paris with French President Francois Hollande and others, including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

Obama should not be apologizing for the economic growth that dramatically improved Americans’ and much of the world’s quality of life. Instead, the president should apologize for pushing costly and ineffective climate policies that will make us worse off and trap the world’s poorest citizens in poverty.

The Cost of Climate Policies

The real problem facing American households and businesses is the Obama administration’s climate policies. The administration has finalized a slew of regulations to reduce domestic greenhouse gas emissions. Known as the Clean Power Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency has required states to meet carbon dioxide emissions reduction goals for existing power plants. – Click here to read the full article

Polar bear habitat update – day 333 Arctic sea ice hits 11.1 mkm2

It’s just past the height of fall in the Arctic (Oct-Dec) and polar bear habitat is expanding day by day: according to NSIDC Masie ice charts, the ice has now surpassed 11 mkm2 in extent. Fall is the second most important feeding period for polar bears after spring.

Only the Barents and Kara Seas (north of Norway and western Russia) are short of ice right now, similar to conditions seen in the fall of 2013. Last fall (2014), conditions were much better and as a consequence, researchers saw a lot of females with healthy cubs in the spring of 2015. – Click here to read the full article

Cost of Wind Power Outstrips Coal, Gas, Hydro & Nukes by a Country Mile

Wind worshippers continue to make wild claims about wind power already being “free” – and, apparently, getting cheaper all the time.

Although, it appears that ‘selling’ a product with no commercial value (apart from the massive subsidies it attracts) is an unwinnable battle. Even the merest mention of a cut to subsidies has the wind industry’s parasites quaking in their boots.

Fudging numbers; and inventing them, when that fails to cut it, is standard operating procedure for the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers. However, their wild claims about being ‘competitive’ with conventional generation sources are getting harder to ‘sell’, by the day. – Click here to read the full article

How sensitive is global temperature to cumulative CO2 emissions?

The mean carbon cycle behaviour of CMIP5 ESMs and EMICs may be quite unrealistic.

IPCC AR5 states (WG1 SPM E.8) that “Cumulative total emissions of CO2 and global mean surface temperature [GMST] response are approximately linearly related”. The mean increase in GMST with cumulative CO2 emissions simulated by current CMIP5 Earth System Models (ESMs) and EMICs[i] was presented in AR5 (Figure SPM.10; coloured lines) for differing Representative Concentration Pathway scenarios (RCPs). – Click here to read the full article

Hauling canoes across the globe to demand emission reductions

Apart from people traveling by canoe to the Paris conference, there are also people that want to bring in their canoes from oversea. One of them is the Lummi Youth Canoe Family wanting to ship their 39 foot traditional cedar canoe over the big ocean to Paris, in order to take place in a media event.

This is how they explain their project (emphasis by the Lummi): – Click here to read the full article

The ignorance of the Warmists

One of the points that should be better understood, and more widely known, in the climate debate, is the fact that the theoretical warming effect of any additional atmospheric CO2 becomes lower as the overall level of atmospheric CO2 increases. In mathematical terms, this is a logarithmic relationship. In vernacular parlance, it’s a “Law of Diminishing Returns”.

We can put it more simply – any doubling of the level of atmospheric CO2 has the same warming effect as any other doubling. Imagine a world with say only 200 parts per million (ppm) CO2, and we increase it to 400 ppm. That has the same warming effect (in terms of incremental temperature) as doubling from 400 ppm to 800 ppm. So the added CO2 between 400 and 800 ppm was only half as effective in warming terms as the CO2 we used to increase the level from 200 to 400. – Click here to read the full article

Billions pledged for clean energy research at Paris climate talks

Research? The implication of that can only be that the technologies available today are considered inadequate – which of course they are, for various well-known reasons. Energy Voice reports on the queue of entrepreneurs and business leaders hoping for a slice of pie-in-the-sky.

Government and business leaders will pledge billions of pounds to research and develop a technical fix to the planet’s climate woes at high-stakes negotiations in Paris. Clean energy technology is being promoted as the key to fighting global warming at the UN climate summit. – Click here to read the full article

Global Cooling starting in 2016

As we all known the alarmists were jumping up and down for joy at the prospect some global warming caused by the El Nino peek. So I have been interested to know when that peak occurred – and now it has!:

So, what did this “massive warming” effect have on the only credible & nearly global temperature from the satellites? If you look hard and use some imagination, I think the “effect” was that small upswing near the end which didn’t even bring it above the “bulk” of the noise. So really no warming at all! – Click here to read the full article


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