Dispatches for June 2013

Dispatches for June 2013

‘A view from the trenches’ is a collection of personal thoughts across a wide spectrum of issues. Links to posts, created under that name, will be posted here for future reference. Please feel free to put your own thoughts in the comments of individual posts, feedback is the lifeblood of the Web, but, be warned, there is a limit on how much ‘free speech’ is allowable; I’m done with discussing the bloody obvious with warmist trolls.

  • Dispatches – 4 June 2013: I think it’s safe to say that we have reached a point where the global warming bandwagon is down to being dragged along on its axles. The wheels were never fixed on very strongly but the latest outpourings simply prove how weak the hypothesis always was.
  • Dispatches – 10 June 2013 (Dichotomy – 1 of a series) – Dichotomy; what is the meaning of the word and how does it impact on a socialistic view of the world? The definition is quite simple, really, and examples of the confusion created by socialist directives and approaches, in the real world, make it clear why I have chosen it as the subject of this post.


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