Dispatches for May 2013

Dispatches for May 2013

‘A view from the trenches’ is a collection of personal thoughts across a wide spectrum of issues. Links to posts, created under that name, will be posted here for future reference. Please feel free to put your own thoughts in the comments of individual posts, feedback is the lifeblood of the Web, but, be warned, there is a limit on how much ‘free speech’ is allowable; I’m done with discussing the bloody obvious with warmist trolls.

  • Dispatches – 1 May 2013 – This is the first in a series of articles, where occasional thoughts, that I’ve wanted to put on ‘paper’, actually end up being recorded. It’s about 24 months since I started on the journey to resolve, at a personal level, the global warming debate. I can’t remember exactly when I took the first step or what I’d seen or heard that sparked my interest.
  • Dispatches – 4 May 2013PhilJourdan May 3, 7:12 pm @ suyts, asked me; So talk to us about UKIP. I have read some, but would like your take on their recent victories
  • Dispatches – 13 May 2013 – I now realise what they mean by ‘writer’s block’. I’ve been circling this, my latest dispatch, for several days. Stuff floats into view, grabs my attention, then gets nudged out of the way by something new. I’m wondering if I have some goldfish DNA in my system, as my attention span is getting shorter by the day.
  • Dispatches – 15 May 2013 – It was time, once again, to gather my thoughts and put them out there for comment. As I was stringing some ideas together, I clicked, purely by chance, one of my blogroll links and what I saw on there caused me to change tack.
  • Dispatches – 23 May 2013 – While we – us sceptics, that is – like to think that we have the doom-mongers and pseudo-scientists on the run, we have to face the fact that a huge industry has been built on the back of the global warming scare (I can’t even bring myself to capitalise those words anymore, such is my disdain for the phrase).
  • Dispatches – 31 May 2013 – What is the Law of Unintended Consequences (LoUC) and why should we study its ramifications? Because, in a nutshell, its habit of sneaking up behind those who seek to control varied aspects of our lives, and biting them on the arse, impacts us, the people, more than it does them.


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