Agenda 21 & ‘Sustainability’

The word ‘Sustainability’ is very much in vogue. You can barely get through a TV/radio report without some talking head pronouncing that ‘xyz is designed to provide sustainable living, manufacturing, motoring, gardening, burial services . . .’ ad nauseum.

How has this, seemingly innocuous, word managed to infiltrate our lexicon to the point where anyone and everyone must shoehorn it into every damn quote they deem worthy of our attention. If you haven’t been paying attention before, then I suggest you start listening out for it. When you hear it, ask yourself a simple question; what on earth is this person rabbiting on about and what, exactly, does he/she mean?

I have to warn you, at this point, we are moving into an area that many of you will find disturbing. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that most of you will laugh and class it as straightforward ‘conspiracy theory’. Fine, if you are happy with the way that the world is heading, just move on and leave us to do the worrying for you.

If you’ve arrived here with a desire to find out the truth behind ‘global warming/climate change’ then, sorry, you’ll have to stick with us. Agenda 21, the United Nations, global warming, climate change and ‘sustainability’ are part and parcel of the same creeping control that is ratcheting itself into every corner of our lives.

Most, if not all, of these ideas for controlling society were dreamed up well before the concept of the Internet had registered in Tim Berners-Lee’s mind. The people behind these grandiose plans never dreamed that, one day, millions of people, worldwide, would have the ability to examine, de-construct and gather support to fight them.

There are several organisations working silently away in the background, looking to influence decision makers and create a framework that will affect aspects of your life that you and your family thought would be yours and yours alone to control.

This section will become a repository of posts & pages from experts in the battle against these anti-democratic, authoritarian organisations and, for those of you with open minds, links to further information and groups involved in this work.

Each author will have a separate section and will have comments open for your thoughts and questions; please note, though, I will make my own judgement on what I consider appropriate language in your comments.

Yes, free speech is important but, as Leveson has shown, if Big Brother doesn’t like what you say, he’ll find a way of shutting down debate.

On this site, I am Big Brother.

To get you started, watch this video.



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