The Left Have a Problem With Women


Doesn't Play Well With Others

A Guest post
by Christina

I recently watched a speech given by former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, at the NRA Convention. She was funny, bright and pretty much on the money with her criticisms of the press and their man in the White House, in particular the way the White House continually exploits tragedy for political purposes in a seemingly endless spasm of cynical shroud waving and of course the gift that keeps on giving, the rank hypocrisy of the left.

Governor Palin, of course, knows better than most just how hypocritical the left can be. The constant attacks on her by the left wing “lamestream” media luvvies, so called progressives, “liberals”, their mouthpieces on the internet and the wider MSM, all people and organisations, self styled Champions of Women’s Rights who would, under any other circumstance screech “MISOGYNY” and “SEXISM” at the tops of their little lungs.

Sarah Palin is and has been vilified by the left, probably more so than any American politician before her. They have deconstructed her, dehumanised her, sexualised her in the most depraved ways and even called for her to be gang raped. The hate made worse by the fact that some of the worst offenders are themselves women. If any woman “of the left” had been subject to such treatment at the hands of the establishment and the media elites you can be sure that media outlets would have been closed, hate speech would have swung into operation and entire new categories dreamed up, careers would have been ended and scapegoats jailed en mass. Contrast the deplorable treatment of Palin and others with the arrest of a British Tory for making a joke (albeit a tasteless joke) at the expense of the left-wing Muslim journalist, Yasmin Alibhai Brown.

In most US States, hunting season has a start date and an end date, Palin season however, has no such break; it is a 24/7/365 sport and every weapon is permissible. But why? Why should those who think of themselves as liberal, progressive and better than everyone else, hate so much and focus that naked hatred on the former Governor from Alaska as well as other Conservative women like Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, Jan Brewer and others in the US and the late Margaret Thatcher, Nadine Dorries and others in the UK?

It is obvious but needs to be stated, these are women. Not only are they women but also mothers, successful businesswomen, highly effective politicians, communicators, spokespeople, media personalities and, in some cases, TV stars. Almost everything these women have done in their lives has been in service to family, community, state and country.

Surely, under normal circumstances, these women would be the absolute embodiment of the feminist ideal, except of course, under these circumstances … they are the wrong kind of woman …

The Left has declared war on women like former governor Palin because she threatens their very existence. The left needs women to be dependent, needy and scared so that women, like blacks, gays and other minorities will vote for them.

Hardly surprising that we should learn then that left-wing men are far more likely to be physically weak and dependent upon a redistributive state; a state that they are far more likely to support. While right-wing men are more likely to be physically strong and far more capable of looking after themselves.


  • Is it any wonder that physically weak, dependent left-wing men should seek to make the world in their own image?
  • That they seek to manipulate women into being weak and compliant too? Is it any wonder that women have lost much of the respect society once held them in?
  • Is it any wonder at all that when faced with women who are strong, self assured and self sufficient like Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher that their pointy little heads begin to explode in paroxysms of misogynistic outrage?

Of course the left have form here. Their own mythology would say that they and they alone were responsible for the emancipation of women. This is rubbish. The early feminists were not socialists by any stretch of the most fevered imagination. As in so many other areas, the left successfully hijacked the women’s rights movement entirely for their own narrow political aims, very few of which were actually to do with women’s rights. Indeed if we look at the cradle of socialism, the Soviet Union, we see the way the left really treated women with many women becoming the property of the state when they reached the age of 18, being forced to register with various Bureau of Free Love. Women, in many parts of revolutionary socialist Russia were, effectively, nationalised.

Strong, self-sufficient women, eschew liberal protection. Drop Sarah Palin off in the Alaskan bush and she’ll survive just fine, thank you very much. Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Marsha Blackburn, Michele Bachmann, Laura Ingraham, Frances Rice, Star Parker, Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, Amy Kremer, Debbie Lee, Selena Owens, Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher and Nadine Dorries don’t need or want anything from liberals — not hate crimes legislation which coddles them, and not abortion, which they abhor.

Right wing conservative women aren’t just the wrong kind of women; they are, to those on the left, the very worst kind of woman. The type of woman that just doesn’t need them. This sends a very dangerous message to every other woman out there and such a dangerous message needs to be destroyed along with the messenger.

In this respect they have failed spectacularly but have been much more successful in exposing themselves as abusive, disrespectful, misogynistic purveyors of gender-based hatred.

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2 thoughts on “The Left Have a Problem With Women

  1. Of course they do, GD.

    That – amongst other things – is why they are so enamoured of the utterly odious Religion of Peace.

    Posted by catweazle666 | May 17, 2013, 6:02 pm


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