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Things to do in Suffolk

Things to do in Suffolk

About Suffolkboy
Suffolkboy was brought up in Worcestershire in the 1950s post-war boom. After a ‘shocking’ experience as an inquisitive toddler, he became obsessed with electronics and gadgets generally and was later educated at the local grammar school as the form geek and smartarse.

Weekends spent being eaten by insects on the Malvern Hills, and occasional farm holidays spent shovelling cow-dung and de-worming sheep, convinced him that his aptitude affinity was with maths and the physical sciences, rather than Nature, so he gained an Engineering Degree at Fenland Polytechnic, one hour south-west of a world-notorious university. After that, he went into a bit of a decline. He worked in a cushy government research department for twenty years, followed by another ten more challenging but educational years variously in private companies or, fleetingly, as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in, sadly, England.

He realised that maths and science were foreign languages in the UK, so he attempted to upgrade his teaching qualifications to science at the Department of Lysenkoism at the university. This first-hand experience, later in life, of the integration of central government with the education world, resulted in his getting unwanted further education about the world of academic terrorist tactics, applied psychology, smear campaigns, political assassinations, fraud, defenestrations and ultimately Climategate. A short period of voluntary committee work at senior level in the public health, social services and criminal justice areas added to his knowledge of how the UK government really works.

He beat a tactical retreat to the austere world of private tuition in maths and science, where he awaited the onset of old-age and a state pension while eating popcorn, making occasional cyber-forays into the AGW cyberspace to take pot-shots at warmist trolls, while trying to keep up with the hectic life of two teenage daughters.

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