About W. James O’Brien

W. James O’Brien owns and operates W. James O’Brien Associates Industrial Cost Analysis Services

The scope of work for W. James O’Brien Associates, a subcontract freelance consultancy, is as follows:

  1. Construction cost estimates development for power plants and chemical refineries;
  2. Spreadsheet development for determination of optimum rate of return for the above types of projects;
  3. Purchase review of equipment and materials for such undertakings;
  4. Market support, to include literature development, proposal writing, contract development, cold-calling, customer presentations, and the development of project close-out and billing procedures; and
  5. Surplus industrial asset valuation, with a speciality in coal-fired steam plants and industrial & marine gas turbine plants.

Associated with the above activities, we also provide logistics supply chain management for getting the equipment and materials to the job site in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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