Increasing Coal Plant Revenues in a Shrinking Demand Era

Achieving successful turnaround through applying the Carnegie-Ford Template

By W. James O’Brien, W. James O’Brien Associates Industrial Cost Analysis Services
© American Coal Online
Most importantly, the hydrogen necessary is readily available from one 150-year-old process, from the “off-gases” of steel recycling and refining in electric arc furnaces and coal- or syngas-fired vertical hearth furnaces and one 30-year-old process, Westinghouse Plasma Corporation’s modular and affordable plasma furnace used for municipal waste and coal gasification. The technology to be used is why this is called the Carnegie-Ford paradigm, as steel processing mated to power generation on one site, in Carnegie’s Pittsburgh and Ford’s Rouge Complex respectively, and crafted one American industrial revolution. We can craft another together through joining forces with the Steel Recycling Institute (www.recycle-steel.org) and deploying Westinghouse plasma furnaces (www.westinghouse-plasma.com) on American coal power plant sites.

The above strategy is possible within the framework of current commercial technology, resources and regulatory environments.[4] For better or worse, to implement such a strategy would win the support of the “green” activist community. Most importantly, it would help to solve the economic dilemma our nation confronts by producing genuine, long-term jobs and viable revenue streams for the utilities involved without massive federal intervention.

Industrial historians in the field of American industry during the 1920s and 1930s will recognize this plan as an updated version of how private and municipal electric utilities once carried out business – making the country a better place and earning a proper return through partnering with related industries without federal intervention. It is time we got back into the “making America a better place to live for ourselves” business by emulating the proven principles of our wise industrial forebears.


Kellogg, Brown and Root

Uhde GmbH

1. See the following links for further information –

2. See the following links for further information –
The American Society for Horticultural Science, The Plant Growth Regulation Society of America, the International Society for Horticultural Science, and Acta Horticulturae are equipped to provide answers to any and all greenhouse operations installation, operations and management you may have.

3. Here is a key selection of their cost estimating and planning documents in evaluating the many options that are available for new-build facilities or retrofit to existing plants:

4. Utilities interested in locating consultants with experience in this area can contact:

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