I’ll pull together various videos that will aim to cover much of the case against the current cAGW scaremongering. Let me know if you find anything (good quality, please) that I have missed. To lighten the mood, a little, I’ll add some comical ones as well. If I spot anything with swearing I will highlight it; again, send me a message if something slips through.

Comedy section

Basics of CO2 in the atmosphere

The ‘carbon’ propaganda war and how it impacts you

They walk amongst us

  • The numptocracy  – To be honest, I wasn’t sure (at first) whether to put this in the Comedy section or not. Energy Secretary Ed Davey was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight show last night (Apr 5, 2013). The whiff of incompetence is almost overwhelming.
  • UN delegate: Global warming means longer, colder winters – At the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, we came across a delegate who explained that the unusual cold weather accompanying the conference (yes, the “Gore Effect” was out in force!) was a perfect example of how global warming is affecting our lives!


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