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These items caught my eye – 27 February 2015

1: Lamb wrap-up: Richard Scorer; 2: Another model failure .. deserts blooming; 3: On Steinman et al. (2015) – Michael Mann and Company Redefine Multidecadal Variability And Wind Up Illustrating Climate Model Failings; 4: Free Think; 5: The Met Office & The Pause; 6: Biomass Emits Double The CO2 Of Gas; 7: New result shows … Continue reading

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Dispatches – 31 May 2013

What is the Law of Unintended Consequences (LoUC) and why should we study its ramifications? Because, in a nutshell, its habit of sneaking up behind those who seek to control varied aspects of our lives, and biting them on the arse, impacts us, the people, more than it does them. Wikipedia (not my favourite source) … Continue reading

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