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These items caught my eye – 15 May 2015

1: NASA “US has not seen landfall of any hurricane of Category 3 or higher for nine years”; 2: April 2015 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) and Lower Troposphere Temperature Anomaly & Model-Data Difference Update; 3: Tackling human biases in science; 4: #BiasedBBC : Bought to Booker, but not to Book; 5: Raining, AGAIN, in San Jose, … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 22 December 2013

1: In Light Of Decreased Global Temperatures, It’s Time To Take A Look At The Global Warming Spending Racket; 2: Celebrated Physicist Calls IPCC Summary ‘Deeply Unscientific’; 3: Greg Laden Once Again Expresses Something Other Than Fact; 4:Santa Not Worried About Global Warming; 5: Group-think described ; 6: Not the only one; 7: The Tesla … Continue reading

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It’s payback time for our insane energy policy

As the snow of the coldest March since 1963 continues to fall, we learn that we have barely 48 hours’ worth of stored gas left to keep us warm, and that the head of our second-largest electricity company, SSE, has warned that our generating capacity has fallen so low that we can expect power cuts … Continue reading

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