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These items caught my eye – 27 February 2015

1: Lamb wrap-up: Richard Scorer; 2: Another model failure .. deserts blooming; 3: On Steinman et al. (2015) – Michael Mann and Company Redefine Multidecadal Variability And Wind Up Illustrating Climate Model Failings; 4: Free Think; 5: The Met Office & The Pause; 6: Biomass Emits Double The CO2 Of Gas; 7: New result shows … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 11 June 2013

1: It’s the volcanoes wot done it; 2: Of pigs and men; 3: Data say No!; 4: Murray Salby on carbon dioxide and temperature; 5: Go, go Tim Yeo; 6: Peter Lilley MP show why he has integrity; Please remember to read the comments, as the information (and the links) contained in them often put … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 9 May 2013

Today’s topics are; Stop fracking – more scare stories, few facts; The missing heat – still not found, Interpol informed; Acidification – misinformation of the highest order; More on tornadoes – Nothing to get the wind up over, apparently; German alarmists – a rearguard action at best; Tolkein does cAGW; the march of the trees; … Continue reading

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Whilst I’m loathe to sideline the passing of Lady Thatcher, the world moves on and there is another debate to be won. Continue reading

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Too much green energy is bad for Britain

The Tory part of the Coalition is beginning to recognise some painful truths, but it is time for the Coalition to tear up its energy policy before the lights go out. With the worst snow conditions in the country since 1981, it’s worrying, to say the least, that gas supplies are running low. A month … Continue reading

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