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These items caught my eye – 31 March 2014

The Collapsing Soufflé of Climate Change – Climate Forecast: Muting the Alarm – Does fracking cause earthquakes? – Leaked Sierra Club docs show $150 million to spend on attacking coal – Nate Silver, Roger Pielke, and journalism ethics – Climate Change: Effective Adaptation Versus Costly Curbs – The Dilemma For UK Policy Makers – What … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 4 August 2013

1: Thank You, George Mitchell, For Fracking; 2: We could soon be paying billions for this wind back-up; 3: Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater; 4: “What a bloody mess” … BoM data; 5: Biologists spreading misinformation: hybridization with grizzlies not due to polar bears … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 31 July 2013

1: Shale gas, tax breaks and coalition tensions; 2: Saudi Prince: Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom; 3: Peer Review Falters at the Altar of Conviction; 4: Which Was The Hottest Year In Ohio?; 5: Will the Cost of the Climate Wars be the BBC’s Integrity?; 6: Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world … Continue reading

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