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These items caught my eye – 25 July 2013

1: Climate Change: What’s Happening?; 2: “the science is too uncertain to justify a single estimate of future rises.”; 3: Joe Bastardi Says Obama’s Energy Policy Based On Easily Disproven Assumptions.; 4: What on “Earth” is going on at the U.K. Met Office?; 5: The Changing Face of AGW Alarmism; 6: The Death Rattle Of … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 6 June 2013

Windfarms – is there ANY justification for them? How two, supposedly, intelligent sophisticated nations prove they’re not; Tony Blair brought back to Earth; Joe Bastardi and Bob Tisdale shake hands; Climate models not working? John Cook, oh dear; EU getting in a fracking mess; Christopher Booker slaps Ed Davey’s wrist – the limp one, that … Continue reading

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