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These items caught my eye – 1 December 2015

1: Global Warming for Dummies; 2: Dunce’s Cap For BBC’s Matt McGrath!; 3: Obama Apologizing To The World For US On Climate Is Ridiculous; 4: Polar bear habitat update – day 333 Arctic sea ice hits 11.1 mkm2; 5: Cost of Wind Power Outstrips Coal, Gas, Hydro & Nukes by a Country Mile; 6: How … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 31 October 2014

1: The constancy of change and the new catastrophism: a personal reflection on crisis-driven science; 2: Expert Blasts Alfred Wegener Institute Ocean Acidification Claim: “Clear Falsification Of Scientific Facts” ; 3: My WSJ op-ed: Global warming statistical meltdown; 4: Natural selection helps polar bears adapt to sea ice variability – which means some bears die; … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 12 November 2013

1: Cyclones, typhoons and cherry-picking; 2: The Climate Charlatans Gather In Warsaw; 3: Euan Mearns: UK temperatures since 1933 – Part 1.; 4:Other Philippine Super Typhoons; 5: October 2013 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update; 6: Denial; 7: Hinkley Point — Deal or No Deal?; 8: Australia to UN: no more “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 15 October 2013

With the passing away of the IPCC’s AR5, I decided to chuck the last (for the moment) shovelful onto the casket by way of a round-up of blog entries from around the Web. Some of these you may have seen already but I hope there is the odd snippet to spark your interest. How anyone … Continue reading

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American Physical Society

Climate Etc. by Judith Curry The American Physical Society (APS) has a new Topical Group on the Physics of Climate (GPC). View original post 1,621 more words

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