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These items caught my eye – 2 November 2013

1: Rosenthal et al 2013; 2: Historical Temperature Trends In Antarctica; 3: The Revenge of Lewandowsky – our deserts; 4:Solar Activity Makes Big Headlines; 5: UKIP, energy policy and the shift of public opinion on EU membership; 6: “as disconnected from reality as an abandoned wind farm is from the grid” …; 7: Shock News … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 4 August 2013

1: Thank You, George Mitchell, For Fracking; 2: We could soon be paying billions for this wind back-up; 3: Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater; 4: “What a bloody mess” … BoM data; 5: Biologists spreading misinformation: hybridization with grizzlies not due to polar bears … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky and Cook in spectacular carcrash

There has been great hilarity overnight, with Stefan Lewandowsky and Skeptical Science’s John Cook making complete fools of themselves again. Read more.

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