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These items caught my eye – 31 October 2014

1: The constancy of change and the new catastrophism: a personal reflection on crisis-driven science; 2: Expert Blasts Alfred Wegener Institute Ocean Acidification Claim: “Clear Falsification Of Scientific Facts” ; 3: My WSJ op-ed: Global warming statistical meltdown; 4: Natural selection helps polar bears adapt to sea ice variability – which means some bears die; … Continue reading

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Dispatches – 23 August 2013 (Dichotomy – 2 of a series)

In my first article in this series, I looked at socialism and how it impacts negatively on the working class. In this post, I’ll focus on how the left have made their vision felt through the vehicle of ‘environmentalism’. Environmental activists and leftist ideology Those of us of a more libertarian viewpoint are not necessarily … Continue reading

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What Happens When The Wind Doesn’t Blow?

Well, they do say that wind energy is free. How do you calculate free? Tony from Oz explains that there is no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch. What Happens When The Wind Doesn’t Blow?Read more. . .

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Dispatches – 31 May 2013

What is the Law of Unintended Consequences (LoUC) and why should we study its ramifications? Because, in a nutshell, its habit of sneaking up behind those who seek to control varied aspects of our lives, and biting them on the arse, impacts us, the people, more than it does them. Wikipedia (not my favourite source) … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 9 May 2013

Today’s topics are; Stop fracking – more scare stories, few facts; The missing heat – still not found, Interpol informed; Acidification – misinformation of the highest order; More on tornadoes – Nothing to get the wind up over, apparently; German alarmists – a rearguard action at best; Tolkein does cAGW; the march of the trees; … Continue reading

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