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These items caught my eye – 31 October 2014

1: The constancy of change and the new catastrophism: a personal reflection on crisis-driven science; 2: Expert Blasts Alfred Wegener Institute Ocean Acidification Claim: “Clear Falsification Of Scientific Facts” ; 3: My WSJ op-ed: Global warming statistical meltdown; 4: Natural selection helps polar bears adapt to sea ice variability – which means some bears die; … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 15 March 2014

1: Wind farms gone wild: Is the environmental damage justified?; 2: The Climate Change Express: Ignoring Your Views at Every Meal; 3: Record Daily Temperatures And UHI; 4:Mann’s Screw Up #6.1 – “Fixing” Data; 5: Arrhenius Revisited; 6: The Rules of the Lying Game; 7: How Tesla Motors Inc’s electric car batteries are adding to … Continue reading

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Dispatches – 9 October 2013

Where to start? The last few weeks have been so full of mind-boggling nonsense as to defeat a non-professional blogger such as I. America; The land of the free The stuff coming out of The States has held this Englishman transfixed. Even without a deep insight into the subtle? nuances of American politics, it’s plain … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 22 June 2013

1: Self-delusion on auto emissions; 2: The ‘Great Renewables Scam’ unravels; 3: Climate Change: The Cost Of “Bold Action”; 4: Global Warming — WHO MADE IT STOP?; 5: Sea ice, beluga whales, and polar bear densities in the Gulf of Boothia; 6: The Green Madness Of Connie Hedegaard – Make Your Own Climate; 7: The … Continue reading

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Dispatches – 10 June 2013 (Dichotomy – 1 of a series)

Dichotomy; what is the meaning of the word and how does it impact on a socialistic view of the world? The definition is quite simple, really, and examples of the confusion created by socialist directives and approaches, in the real world, make it clear why I have chosen it as the subject of this post. … Continue reading

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