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These items caught my eye – 11 August 2013

1: The “Record Temperatures” Con Trick; 2: Blooming Heck; 3: Science Sundays with John Duffield: Bankrupting Physics; 4:researchers, outfoxed …; 5: Weaponized “Science”; 6: New Accounting For Atmospheric CO2? New Study!; 7: What’s Going On Up There?; 8: “Carbon dioxide involved but not determinative in 100,000 year glacial cycles”; 9: Vote Against Smart Meters; 10: … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 25 July 2013

1: Climate Change: What’s Happening?; 2: “the science is too uncertain to justify a single estimate of future rises.”; 3: Joe Bastardi Says Obama’s Energy Policy Based On Easily Disproven Assumptions.; 4: What on “Earth” is going on at the U.K. Met Office?; 5: The Changing Face of AGW Alarmism; 6: The Death Rattle Of … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 16 June 2013

1: We are running out of time, again; 2: Climate change is happening. Of course it is.; 3: The Continuing Collapse Of The Global Warming Hoax; 4: True cost of Britain’s wind farm industry revealed; 5: Watermelon Energy Policy – Green Renewables backed by Red Diesel; 6: Pachauri’s great expectations (July 2009) vs reality (June … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 22 May 2013

A mixed bag of items in this issue. A look at EU energy policy (lol); A basic look at what we mean by Climatology (not as the IPCC define it); Two items on The Royal Society and its struggle to live up to its motto; Proof that cartoonists should stick to drawing and stay out … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 7 May 2013

So, what gems caught my eye this week? Well we have tornadoes – no panic there; SST – don’t worry, you won’t boil just yet; The MO & UN – ’nuff said; Clouds keep us cool – wow, I never knew that; London to become another Venice? – apparently not; CO2 rising – but still … Continue reading

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