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These items caught my eye – 24 December 2014

Grumpy wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 1: Interesting Post at RealClimate about Modeled Absolute Global Surface Temperatures; 2: UK: Seniors and Many Families with Children are Too Poor to Heat Their Homes Thanks to Skyrocketing Energy Bills; 3: Ed Hoskins: Temperature reduction outcomes from de-carbonisation; 4: Ocean pH … Continue reading

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Another well-crafted article by Tony from Oz

Another well-crafted article by Tony from Oz. Here, he works out the sums to provide the the bottom line for Power Plant Comparison – Coal-Fired Versus Wind. Read more. . .

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Help Launch Climate Skeptic Film Project: 50 to 1

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
This will be a top post for a day or two, new posts appear below. For those waiting…PAYPAL is now available I’m participating in this, as are some other well known climate skeptics. The producer (Australia’s video pundit Topher Field) has 4 weeks (28 days) to get it…

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A new link added to the blogrolls – MasterResource

MasterResource is a blog dedicated to analysis and commentary about energy markets and public policy. Precisely because energy is the lifeblood of the modern economy – the “master resource” that affects the production and use of all other resources – energy markets are often thought of as “different” and thus deserving of special political direction. … Continue reading

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A new link added to the blogrolls.

A new link added to the blogrolls. The GOLDEN RULE – Standing Up for Truth and Justice- In a violent and oppressive world where lies and injustices prevail. Read more

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