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Mythbusting – The UK and the EU (Part 2)

Three million UK jobs directly rely upon our membership of the EU.  That’s the statement, made as fact by pro-EU politicians. Read the words; understand them, individually and as a whole. You will often hear Nick Clegg and other senior LibDems, plus their friends in the Labour Party and the ‘wet end’ of the Conservatives, spout this “fact”. It is part of their arsenal, a quick, easy, glib sound bite, designed to put all of those nasty Euro-sceptic arguments to bed, once and for all.

It is always said with an imperious nose held high or a patronisingly dismissive sweep of the hand, sometimes both, if a LibDem is saying it. This is an issue for the political anoraks they will say, or the malcontents on the Tory back benches; talking about Europe is giving in to the obsessions of an unrepresentative minority of “swivel-eyed loons” in the shires, you will hear. It is always painted as a British issue, a conservative issue, neither contention, however, being even remotely true.

Mythbusting – The UK and the EU (Part 2)


One thought on “Mythbusting – The UK and the EU (Part 2)

  1. Spot on. More spin, more lies.
    There may well be 30000000 jobs in the UK in some way connected to dealing with the European Union. Seems a high number but hey we’ll let them have that. What they can’t have is that those jobs will suddenly evaporate overnight.

    The only jobs that I can think of that will cease to exit from midnight on that glorious day are those of MEPs, the UK commissioner, and the commissioner’s pets.

    Posted by Me_Again | May 30, 2013, 11:19 pm

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