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These items caught my eye – 1 December 2015

1: Global Warming for Dummies; 2: Dunce’s Cap For BBC’s Matt McGrath!; 3: Obama Apologizing To The World For US On Climate Is Ridiculous; 4: Polar bear habitat update – day 333 Arctic sea ice hits 11.1 mkm2; 5: Cost of Wind Power Outstrips Coal, Gas, Hydro & Nukes by a Country Mile; 6: How … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 19 November 2013

1: How Rare was the November Midwest Tornado Outbreak?; 2: Polar bear problems in N Hudson Bay not due to late freeze-up; 3: Why do sceptics put up with cyber bullying?; 4:On Cowtan and Way (2013) “Coverage bias in the HadCRUT4 temperature series and its impact on recent temperature trends”; 5: Beddington’s “Extreme Weather” Is … Continue reading

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These items caught my eye – 31 July 2013

1: Shale gas, tax breaks and coalition tensions; 2: Saudi Prince: Fracking Is Threat To Kingdom; 3: Peer Review Falters at the Altar of Conviction; 4: Which Was The Hottest Year In Ohio?; 5: Will the Cost of the Climate Wars be the BBC’s Integrity?; 6: Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world … Continue reading

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